26.06.2008: International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking

UNODC campaign banner — do drugs control your life?

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On International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, cannabis comes under the spotlight as the EMCDDA releases its largest scientific monograph to date: A cannabis reader: global issues and local experiences — Perspectives on cannabis controversies, treatment and regulation in Europe. In over 700 pages, leading European experts provide informed insight into a wide range of cannabis topics: from political, legislative, economic and social developments to prevention, treatment and healthcare. A summary is available in 24 languages. A news release is available in de, en, fr and pt. A promotional flyer is available in English.

The agency also marks the occasion with an awareness-raising event for the Lisbon diplomatic community and its partners from the Portuguese authorities, attended by the Portuguese Secretary of State for Health, Dr Manuel Pizarro.

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