Minimal drug-treatment data set: coordination and data collection in Western Balkan partners – TDI satellite meeting

The treatment demand indicator (TDI) is one of the five EMCDDA key epidemiological indicators. The TDI collects information on the number of people entering treatment for a drug problem and offers a perspective on the organisation and uptake of treatment facilities. The TDI is complemented by a module on treatment prevalence that also collects data on individuals in continuous treatment who do not enter treatment in a given year.

The EMCDDA aims to introduce and establish drug epidemiological indicators in its IPA7 beneficiaries. To this end, it has developed a simplified data collection tool that will allow the beneficiaries to produce, on an annual basis, a national minimal drug treatment data set. The IPA7 satellite meeting on treatment will focus on this drug treatment data set and will be attended by all specialised national experts from the six beneficiaries, who will work in close liaison with national experts contracted to provide technical support to the region.