9th Extended Reitox network meeting

Every year the EMCDDA organises the extended meeting of the Reitox network bringing together the 29 Heads of the National Focal Points and representatives from the agency’s key partner countries.

Following the COVID19 pandemic and the trendspotter exercises carried out by the EMCDDA in the EU, Western Balkans and in some neighbouring countries on the impact of COVID 19 on drug use, services and markets, the 9th Extended Reitox network meeting is being dedicated to the Impact of COVID-19 on drug-related issues, reserving specific parallel sessions on drug-related violence and new models of drug distribution/ wholesales trafficking, the new normal in the field of drug interventions, drug use and innovations in methods and on the exchange of information between partners on the impact of COVID-19 on drugs and prison.

The Extended Reitox Network meeting is organised back to back with a coordination meeting between the designated national correspondents and the technical assistance projects’ team of EU4MD and IPA7, on 23 and 25 November respectively. 26 and 27 November are reserved to the 63rd Heads of Reitox National Focal Points meeting.