Online meeting for IPA7 partners participating in the European Web Survey on Drugs (EWS)

A call of interest for participating in the next round of the European Web Survey on Drugs – foreseen for early 2021 – has been launched among the EMCDDA-IPA7 beneficiaries. Following the national teams set up, this was the first time that they met to report to the EMCDDA on the project's state of paly and to discuss the timeline of the EWSD implementation.  Other meetings are foreseen until the end of the year.

The EWSD is a useful tool for collecting information on patterns of drug use from a wider range of people who use illicit drugs, complementing data coming from general population surveys. The exercise will consist of a collaborative approach at national level, typically with the support of the National Focal Points in the coordination and implementation of the survey and collaborating with local NGOs.