Expert meeting on drug-related infectious diseases (DRID) 2019

This year's expert meeting on the drug-related infectious diseases takes place 7-8 October at the EMCDDA premises in Lisbon. 

Drug-related infectious diseases (DRID) are among the key health concerns associated with illicit drugs in the region of Western Balkans and the new IPA 7 project strongly emphasises data availability and reporting. This year’s meeting on the key indicator DRID will foresee a specific session for IPA beneficiaries with the objective of reviewing the data available on infectious diseases in the individual countries, assessing feasibility of using standard EMCDDA monitoring tools, and identifying all available data sources and potential partners.

The general DRID expert meeting will cover other topics such as the latest outbreaks of infectious diseases among drug users, the progress towards ending the HIV epidemic and eliminating viral hepatitis among PWID, and evidence-based interventions.