Incorporating gender dimensions in drug policy practice and service delivery (Pompidou Group 2019 Executive Training)

The Module II Seminar of the Executive Training is hosted by Israel on 24-27 June in Tel Aviv.

30 participants from 20 countries from different continents successfully completed the Module I Seminar of the 2019 Pompidou Group Executive Training on ‘Incorporating gender dimensions in drug policy practice and service delivery’, organised on 2-5 April 2019 in Amsterdam. The unique format of the training provided a rare opportunity for professionals working in the drug policy field to have a hands-on training in an international environment. A rich and intensive programme which combined theory, practice and exchange of experiences gave an overview on the gender concept and theory, gender differences in drug-related behaviours, as well as the meaning and application of gender dimensions in drug policy. Training participants had a closer look at gender issues in drug-related crime, specific criminal justice responses and how gender mainstreaming can improve law enforcement strategies.