Annual expert meeting on the ‘Treatment Demand Indicator’ (TDI) 2017

The purpose of the 2017 EMCDDA TDI/treatment expert meeting is to facilitate the exchange among European experts on the latest developments of drug treatment monitoring in Europe.

The specific objectives of this year's meeting are to present current national achievements and progress in monitoring drug treatment demands and treatment provision, to provide an update on specific on-going projects, to discuss data quality, analysis and interpretation, and to discuss on how treatment related data can inform policy and responses to new drug trends.

Experts from Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia participated in a regional round table and shared an update on the TDI implementation at national level. In Albania there is not as yet a common drug treatment data collection system, though monitoring is carried out in the treatment facilities. In North Macedonia, there were recent amendments to the law on health records and this might impact the TDI data collection processes at national level. In Serbia, there is a national TDI database and current work aims at strengthening data collection and increasing coverage.