Reitox national Academy for Ukraine on ‘Contemporary approaches for drug monitoring’, Kiev

This Reitox Academy was organised following a request from the Ukrainian Monitoring and Medical Center on Alcohol and Drugs. It was the first national activity with the newly-appointed monitoring centre and gathered up to 40 national experts, as well as representatives from the United Nations Office on Drugs and crime and UNICEF.

The participants discussed tools and methods used for collecting data on drug use prevalence, drug treatment, as well as harms and harm reduction in the European Union Member States and in Ukraine. Presentations by Ukrainian experts highlighted achievements in data collection on drug use among young people and in schools, as well as the significant investments made in developing monitoring systems for the collection of data on the prevalence of drug-related infectious diseases and harm reduction measures in the country. Monitoring new psychoactive substances and use of new methods for monitoring drugs, such as wastewater analysis, were of particular interest to the Ukrainian experts.