Reitox Academy on Treatment Demand Indicator, the challenge for monitoring and evaluation systems, Israel, Jerusalem

This Reitox Academy is part of the project ’Towards a gradual improvement of European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) partner countries’ capacity to monitor and to meet drug-related challenges’ and in close collaboration with the Israeli Anti-Drug Authority (IADA). 

The main objectives of the Academy are a better understanding of the utilisation of the TDI indicator, including tools, processes and methods for data collection, analysis and reporting in the context of monitoring complex drug treatment systems; a better understanding of opportunities and limitations for use of TDI data for other research studies, identification of new trends and in studying treatment outcomes in particular; sharing best practices on the implementation of TDI in some European countries; and developing a roadmap to estimate drug-related public expenditure in Israel.

Around 30 national experts representing IADA, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Welfare, the National Insurance Institute of Israel, the main treatment facilities responsible for data collection and reporting on treatment, the police force, research institutes and academia will participate in the meeting.