Launch of the 2015 European Drug Report

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Trends and Developments

National launches

Czech Republic

Date of event: 4 June
Title of event: Launch of the EMCDDA European Drug Report 2015: Trends and Developments.
The Czech national report was also launched.
Under the auspices of: Czech national focal point; Government of Czech Republic
Venue: Prague
Format: Press conference
National dignitaries present: Jindřich Vobořil, National Drug Coordinator
Viktor Mravčík, Head of the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction
EMCDDA staff present: Roland Simon, Head of unit, Consequences, responses and best practices
News release:
The launch was in the form of press conference which took place at the old press hall of the Government of the Czech Republic. Journalists from the Czech print, online and broadcast media were invited. The press conference was streamed by Czech TV and Roland Simon was invited as a guest on the TV show in the evening to talk about drugs issue in Europe according to Czech situation. In total, 38 media outputs were tracked in the main Czech media, and several others in the secondary media.


Date of event: 5 June
Title of event: EMCDDA European Drug Report 2015: Trends and Developments and National report on the drug situation in Greece
Under the auspices of: Greek national focal point; Ministry of Health
Venue: Ministry of Health, Athens
Format: Press conference
National dignitaries present: Deputy-Minister of Health, Mr Xanthos, National Drug Coordinator, Ms Christina Diamantopoulou-Papoutsopoulou, President of OKANA.
EMCDDA staff present: Alexis Goosdeel, Head of unit, Reitox and international cooperation
News release: Facebook page of Ms Manina Terzidou, Head of the national focal point
The two-hour press conference was chaired by journalist Mr Kostas Arvanitis and was introduced by the Deputy-Minister of Health, the National Drug Coordinator and the representative of the Director of EPIPSY, Professor Costas Stefanis. The Deputy Minister of Health attended the press conference and presented additional and important conclusions. Around 50 people attended the event. One TV programme on the new Greek radio-TV presented highlights during the weekend as part of the news programme (


Date of event: 11 June
Venue: Zagreb
EMCDDA staff present: Roumen Sedefov, Head of unit, Supply reduction and new drugs


Date of event: 4 June


Date of event: 10 June
Venue: Warsaw
EMCDDA staff present: Alessandro Pirona, Scientific analyst — health and social responses


Date of event: to be confirmed
Venue: Lisbon


Date of event: 8 June
Venue: Helsinki
EMCDDA staff present: Danilo Ballotta, Principal policy analyst, Coordinator institutional relations


Date of event: 26 June
Format: Press conference


Date of event: 4 June
Title of event: EMCDDA European Drug Report 2015: Trends and Developments — meeting of experts, national focal point partners, contributors the national report and the media
Under the auspices of: National focal point
Venue: Ministry of Health, Bratislava
Format: Conference and press conference
National dignitaries present: State Secretary of SK Ministry of Health, Mr Mario Mikloši
EMCDDA staff present: Lucas Wiessing, Principal scientist — evidence and knowledge transfer
News release:
Website: www.infodrogy.sk


Date of event: 8 June
EMCDDA staff present: Paul Griffiths, EMCDDA Scientific Director

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