EMCDDA meeting on the key indicator on Drug-related Infectious Diseases (DRID)

The original page hosting this meeting including presentations has been archived. Please contact us for more information.

This year, the DRID key epidemiological indicator meeting focused on the following topics: updating the regional assessment of HIV risk and response; hepatitis C infections and treatment; botulism and other infections; emerging risks related to the injection of stimulants, including new psychoactive substances; and drug-related health issues among prison populations. The meeting kicked off with a summary of the most recent trends and updates by the national experts, based on 2015 ‘national abstracts’ followed by two sets of parallel technical workshops and four ‘conference-like’ plenaries. Attendance at the expert meeting was restricted to nominated experts from the 28 EU Member States, Norway and Turkey and invited speakers. Our European partners – namely the European Commission and WHO Europe – as well as experts from non-EU countries have contributed to this year’s meeting.

The ENP1 project ‘Towards a gradual improvement of ENP partner countries’ capacity to monitor and to meet drug-related challenges’ funded by the European Commission, financed the participation of a representative from Israel and Moldova, respectively, at this meeting.

Registration and practical information
The event takes place at the EMCDDA’s Conference Centre in Lisbon, Portugal, starting on the morning of Monday, 15 June 2015 and ending on Tuesday, 16 June lunchtime (agenda available below). A call for input to the DRID meeting was sent to the expert networks and the deadline for submission of proposals for input and abstracts was 1 June 2015 (for more information please contact us).

Meeting report: Drug-related infectious diseases (DRID) – Annual expert meeting