Xchange Prevention registry process flowchart


Xchange is an online registry of evidence-based prevention programmes. In addition to providing information on the effectiveness of interventions, the registry also offers information on the experiences of professionals who have implemented the programmes in individual European countries. This enables decision-makers to assess the ease with which programmes can be implemented in different social, cultural and organisational contexts.

At present, Xchange contains prevention interventions, all of which address substance use-related problems, delinquency or violence. Currently both manualised prevention programmes and environmental interventions are included.

For an intervention to join the registry, it must be still active or ready to be used in Europe (i.e. with manual and materials available). All interventions need to have a scientifically sound outcome evaluation in at least one European country, without iatrogenic effects. A detailed protocol is followed to select, assess and include each new intervention which is visualized in this flowchart.

Xchange may be accessed here.


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Xchange prevention registry process flowchart

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