Opiate Treatment Index

Original/alternative title:  OTI


The Opiate Treatment Index (OTI) is a clinician-administered multi-dimensional structured interview and outcome evaluation designed to provide a measure of the effectiveness of drug treatments.

The OTI is used to measure the effectiveness of drug treatment through 6 treatment outcomes; drug use, HIV risk-taking behaviour, social functioning, criminality, health status and psychological functioning. The versions available here measure 3 treatment outcomes; drug use, criminality and health status.

Additional information

Darke S, Ward J, Hall W, Heather N, Wodak A. Development and validation of a multi-dimensional instrument for assessing outcome of treatment among opiate users: the Opiate Treatment Index. Br J Addict. 1992 May;87(5):733-42

Darke S, Ward J, Hall W, Heather N, Wodak A (1991). The Opiate Treatment Index (OTI) Researcher’s Manual. National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre Technical Report Number 11. Sydney, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.