Meeting miinutes: 'European exchange on the practice and current issues in opioid substitution treatment in general practitioners' settings', September 2010


These are the final minutes from a meeting organised by the EMCDDA, in partnership with the French and the German Monitoring Centres for Drugs and Drug Addiction, on 22 September 2010 in Lisbon, on practices and current issues in opioid substitution treatment in General Practitioners' settings in Europe.

The meeting aimed to provide a platform where General Practitioners from a number of European countries can share national experiences on topics of common interest related to the involvement of General Practitioners in the provision of opioid substitution treatment. The topics of discussion were developed together with GPs, researchers, the EMCDDA and REITOX National Focal Points.

The meeting was split into two thematic sessions. The first session discussed ‘Experiences and issues in the management of drug, health and social co-morbidities among clients in opioid substitution treatment with GPs’ with presentations by national representatives and researchers from Germany, Croatia and the United Kingdom. 

The second session discussed ‘Experiences and issues regarding access to opioid substitution treatment through GPs and risk of diversion and misuse of opioid substitution medications’ and which included presentations by national representatives and researchers from France, the Czech Republic, Norway and Austria.

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