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Instructional videos and resources on personal protective equipment (PPE) (UNODC laboratory and forensic science services)

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Laboratory and forensic science services (UNODC)

Based on the nature of law enforcement and customs operations, the potential for officers to be exposed to COVID-19 during the execution of their routine duties has increased significantly. On this page, the UNODC Laboratory and Scientific Services (LSS) presents a range of instructional videos and other material on the proper use and disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE). The videos were developed to support forensic, law enforcement, border control and other front-line officers in the safe handling and management of dangerous/toxic substances, as well as associated safety and risk mitigation procedures.

As this is a living web page, resources may no longer be easily findable over time, so for convenience, we have embeded links to a number of the videos directly below. However, please check the UNODC LSS web site for the most up-to-date information.

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