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Hepatitis C plan 2014-2019, Belgium

Original/alternative title: 
Plan Hépatite C 2014-2019 / Hepatitis C plan 2014-2019

A national strategic plan to tackle Hepatitis C (2014-2019) was prepared in 2012 and adopted by the Ministry of Health in May 2014. PWID are mentioned as a priority group in the strategic plan. There is no specific budget allocated to implement the action plan and no specific targets or concrete plan for monitoring progress towards the actions suggested in the plan. The plan includes three overall aims: 1) To reduce transmission of HCV; 2) Increase the proportion of HCV infected people who are diagnosed and 3) To improve care for and quality of life among people living with hepatitis C. Since the beginning of 2017, an inter-ministerial working group, representing all the Belgian communities and regions is evaluating the national strategic plan and is planning follow-up for those action points that have not been implemented yet. The clinical treatment guidelines were updated in 2017 and are based on the most recent EASL guidelines. PWID are not mentioned specifically and are treated with the same criteria used for non-PWID.