Guidance for handling acute opioid withdrawals for doctors at hospitals and treatment centers

Original/alternative title:  Corona measures in harm reduction facilities in the Netherlands: bottlenecks, good practices and suggestions for improvement


Identification of bottlenecks in the harm reduction facilities. Where possible: suggestions for improvements and  examples of creative solution


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The harm reduction network of the Trimbos Institute, the Mainline Foundation and the Drug Users Association MDHG have been working together since mid-March to get an idea of the effects of the corona measures on harm reduction facilities in the country and their target groups. This resulted in an initial overview of alerts in early April. The study showed that all facilities in the country have implemented (sometimes far-reaching) measures, that many new initiatives have been launched and that the measures taken are generally followed carefully by visitors and clients of institutions. However, problems were reported. Therefore the authors focused next on the identification of bottlenecks in the harm reduction facilities. Where possible, suggestions are made for improvements or examples are given of creative solutions that are already being applied.