EU–ANSA agencies’ engagement in the European Union research knowledge cycle: an overview


The European Union Agencies Network for Scientific Advice (EU–ANSA) consists of technical and regulatory agencies that provide scientific advice to EU policymakers; these agencies are thus both a source and a user of knowledge. The scientific evidence that underpins the agencies’ scientific advice is typically generated by formal research. In collating and systematically reviewing the scientific evidence available to address real-world problems, the agencies also identify where gaps in the evidence exist. Hence, agencies have a deep understanding of the research knowledge available as well as where knowledge gaps limit the quality of advice produced. Agencies therefore have a deep-rooted interest in research and in the generation of knowledge as it underpins the evidence base upon which their advice outputs are derived.

This reflection paper provides a foundation for action by which EU–ANSA agencies could enhance their added value to EU research actors and policymakers in the EU institutions. They could do this by identifying
their common needs and highlighting that they represent a rich source of knowledge and expertise.

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