Drug Abuse Treatment Costs Analysis Program

Original/alternative title:  DATCAP


The Drug Abuse Treatment Cost Analysis Program (DATCAP) is a data collection instrument and cost interview guide designed to be used for all types of treatment providers.

The purpose of this interview guide is to collect resource use and cost information pertaining to the operations of one specific modality or program within a treatment organization. The DATCAP can be used by treatment programs for self-evaluation purposes and by researchers who are interested in performing cost-effectiveness or benefit-costs analyses of substance abuse services.
The program version can be customized for use by a variety of treatment programs, such as mental health clinics, day treatment centers for alcoholism, outpatient drug abuse treatment programs, and work site employee assistance programs.

After compiling all the necessary resource use and cost data, the DATCAP will generate total annual cost estimates for each individual cost category, for the treatment program's study modality as a whole, and for the average client.

Additional information

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