Coping Behaviours Inventory

Original/alternative title:  CBI


The CBI is 36-item self-administered inventory, including a list of 14 cognitive and 22 behavioral options.

The Coping Behaviours Inventory (CBI) was designed to assess the behaviors and thoughts used by alcoholics to prevent, avoid or control the resumption of heavy drinking. The respondent indicates how often he/she uses each coping behavior to avoid relapse. Frequency of use is rated on a four-point scale from 0 (1 have usually tried this) to 3 (1 have never tried this). The CBI assesses the alcoholic's use of coping strategies in response to an urge to drink. Some studies indicate that it is a reliable and valid measure of the frequency of use of cognitive and behavioral coping responses. Use of the CBI in outcome studies has shown the measure to be a sensitive indicator of change following addictions treatment. The scale can be used with male and female alcoholics from different age groups (adolescents, adults and the elderly).

Additional information

Litman, G.K., Stapleton, J., Oppenheim, A.N., & Peleg, M. (1983). An instrument for measuring coping behaviours in hospitalized alcoholics: Implications for relapse prevention treatment. British Journal of Addiction, 78, 269-276.