Strengthened cooperation agreement between Europol and the EMCDDA, 2005

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Strengthening the co-operation between Europol and the EMCDDA in the framework of the Co-operation agreement

This document, which was built on the previous ‘Cooperation agreement’ signed by the two bodies on 19 November 2001, was drawn up in the context of recent developments at EU level, including EU enlargement and increased public awareness of the importance of international cooperation on the above issues.

The document specifies that, in particular, the agencies should join forces in the following areas:

evaluation of the European Union drugs strategy and action plans (e.g. via contributions to various European Commission reports and assessments);

implementation of the May 2005 Council decision on information exchange, risk assessment and control of new psychoactive substances (e.g. the drafting of risk assessment reports on new substances entering the drug scene); and

exchange of strategic information of mutual relevance (e.g. on topics such as drug seizures, money laundering, drug prices and purity).

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EMCDDA, Europol
20 October 2005
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