CAGE Alcohol questionnaire

Original/alternative title:  CAGE


The CAGE is a 4-item, relatively nonconfrontational questionnaire for detection of alcoholism, usually phrased as "have you ever" but may be focused to delineate past or present alcohol problems. The CAGE asks about "lifetime" experience rather than current drinking, so a person who no longer drinks may screen positive unless the clinician directs the questions to focus on a more current timeframe.

1. Have you felt the need to Cut down on your drinking?
2. Do you feel Annoyed by people complaining about your drinking?
3. Do you ever feel Guilty about your drinking?
4. Do you ever drink an Eye-opener in the morning to relive the shakes?

The CAGE has much less potential for most research uses than for clinical use.

Additional information

Ewing JA. Detecting alcoholism: The CAGE questionnaire. JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association 1984;252:1905-1907