Annex to Towards a new EMQ Module – Questions on Availability of Illicit Drugs: Volume II Annex – Initial inventory of surveys including questions on drug availability (2001-2002)


An inventory of population surveys including questions on drug availability was carried out in 2001-2002. A first identification of surveys including this type of questions was possible through the project reports on the Key Indicator Population Surveys. In addition, information requests were sent to the National Experts from the General Population Surveys Key-Indicator Reference Group by e-mail. They were asked to provide methodological information on population and school surveys where questions on availability or access to illicit drugs had been included. There were also asked, in as far as possible, to provide the EMCDDA with the exact wording of the questions asked and of the possible answers (if closed questions). Some provided also the EMCDDA with the breakdown results to the questions on access/availability.

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2 December 2002  (approximate)
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