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Albanian National Drugs Strategy 2012-2016


Drug abuse is a global phenomenon. No country is immune to issues related to illicit drug produce, trafficking and use. However countries can learn from one another by sharing the best practices on ways how to face this phenomenon.

The Albanian state recognizes and accepts the serious nature of this issue both, at the national level and at the international one.

Fight against drugs remains one of the key priorities of the Albanian state, as drugs pose a high risk to our citizens and has a potential impairing impact on Albania’s integration process in the EU.

Also, this strategy accepts the fact that the fight against drugs can be successful only in case we coordinate efforts of the government, civil society and international partners.

We hope that our concerted efforts shall contribute for putting under control effects drugs have on the community. In addition, we do also hope that our country plays a vital role in international strives to fight drugs.

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