1998 study on Alternatives to Prison for drug using offenders in the EU (CT.97.DR.96)


Please note: this document forms part of the EMCDDA's institutional record. It is based on a study carried out in 1998. The information contained within this document may no longer be correct or relevant. More up-to-date information on this topic is available elsewhere on the EMCDDA website. Because of this. caution is recommended before using the information contained within this document.

The 'Study on Alternatives to Imprisonment for Drug Addicts' was an initiative of the EMCCDA, Lisbon. The Office of Drug Addiction of the Basque Government was given the task of preparing the study while the Instituto Deusto de Drogodependencias (IDD) at the University of Deusto carried out the co-ordination required for the project. Its preparation was commissioned to two study groups: Cassiopea XXI and SIIS-Centro de Documentación y Estudios.

In general terms, the purpose of this study is to describe the alternative measures to imprisonment applied to persons charged under criminal legislation when they are dependent on drugs. The report studies the situation in the fifteen members states of the European Union, indicating the existing legal framework and outlining the action observed in practise, either in application of this legislation, or where applicable, in response to the existence of regulatory provisions to this effect.

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This is the final report of call for tender CT.97.DR.96 - 'Study on Alternatives to Prison'