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Xchange is an online registry of evidence-based prevention interventions. Use the options below to find prevention programmes or strategies. Find here a toolbox for implementers to make their interventions ready for inclusion in Xchange and fitter for real-life use. Read more about Xchange here.

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The Xchange prevention registry is a collaborative effort between the EMCDDA and a number of partner organisations. Learn more about our partners here.

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Programme title Date added Countries where evaluated Xchange rating
Local environmental alcohol licencing strategies 09.07.2020 UK, NL Possibly beneficial
STAD – (STockholm prevents Alcohol and Drug problems): an environmental strategy in nightlife environments focussing on the improvement of the compliance of alcohol legislation regarding overserving and age limits. 22.04.2020 Sweden Possibly beneficial
Planet Youth - "The Icelandic Model": application of environmental prevention principles based on a systematic local assessment of risk and protective factors 27.02.2020 Iceland Additional studies recommended
Empecemos (let's start) - an indicated prevention programme for children with early-onset conduct problems, their families and teachers 26.02.2020 Spain Additional studies recommended
My Healthy Diary - a school-based programme to enhance subjective well-being and health by strengthening emotional and social skills and parent-child relationships 19.02.2020 Italy Additional studies recommended
Life Skills Training in Lombardy (LST) - a classroom-based universal prevention programme to reduce the long-term risk of alcohol, tobacco and drugs in middle-school 04.12.2019 Italy, Spain, USA Additional studies recommended
Incredible Years - Teacher Classroom Management (IY-TCM) - a comprehensive programme for parents, teachers, and children to prevent, reduce, and treat behavioural and emotional problems in children 04.12.2019 USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Jamaica Possibly beneficial
Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS)/Preschool PATHS - a comprehensive programme for promoting emotional and social competencies and reducing aggression and behaviour problems 04.12.2019 Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA Additional studies recommended
BE smokeFREE - enhance students’ self-efficacy to help them cope with social pressure in school 03.12.2019 Norway Beneficial
Project Northland - a multi-level long-term intervention combining behavioural with environmental approaches 03.12.2019 Croatia, USA Possibly beneficial


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