Take-home naloxone (THN) to prevent opioid overdose mortality

Summary of the evidence

  • Beneficial

 Education and naloxone distribution was found in an umbrelal review of systematic reviews (Razaghizad et al., 2021, 6 SR containing 87 unique studies) effective in:

  • reducing opioid-related mortality. High-concentration intranasal naloxone (> 2 mg/mL) was as effective as intramuscular naloxone at the same dose, whereas lower-concentration intranasal naloxone was less effective.

Educational and training interventions complemented by take-home naloxone has been found to be effective in systematic review of 21 studies (EMCDDA, 2015) in:

  • decreasing overdose-related mortality (1 interrupted time-series study, N= 2912, adjusted RR 0.54, 95 % CI 0.39–0.76).