General population surveys annual expert meeting

This annual expert meeting on general population surveys was organised by the EMCDDA in June 2013.

Minutes from the meeting are available in our Document Library.

The agenda is below:

  • Session 1
    • Deborah Olszewski, EMCDDA: Overview of the meeting and update on main developments and progress in the Key Indicator
    • Chloé Carpentier, EMCDDA: Developments in drug supply indicators, focusing on drug markets and drug availability
    • Lydia Gisle, Belgium: Developments and progress in European Health Interview Survey (Eurostat EHIS)
    • Janusz Sieroslawski, Poland: Joint action on alcohol - Work package 4 - Progress in Preparation
  • Session 2
    • Claudia Urbano, Portugal: Portugal General Population Survey 2012
    • Darja Lavtar, Slovenia: Slovenia General Population Survey 2011/12
    • Eva Januševičienė, Lithuania: Lithuania General Population Survey 2012
    • Mustafa Ilhan: Turkey schools Population Survey 2012
  • Session 3
    • Deborah Olszewski, EMCDDA: Expert responses to question in National Abstract about response rates
    • Panel discussion
    • Ola Ekholm, Denmark: Presentation
    • Daniela Piontek, Germany: Presentation
    • Ståle Østhus, Norway: Presentation
    • Björn Hibell, ESPAD: Presentation
    • Roberto Mollica, Italy: Presentation
  • Session 4
    • Elena Alvarez, Spain: The utility of general population surveys for measure problematic drug use
    • Nicola Singleton, United Kingdom: Are general population surveys the best tool to monitor problematic drug use?
    • Danica Thanki, EMCDDA: Guidelines to monitor high risk cannabis use
  • Session 5
    • João Matias, EMCDDA: Summary overview of surveys results in 2013 European Drug Report and Statistical Bulletin using 2012 EMCDDA data collection
    • Björn Hibell, ESPAD: Developments and progress in ESPAD
    • Elena Alvarez, Spain: Prison Survey in Spain
  • Session 6
    • Katerina Skarupova, Czech Republic: Use of  CASIC in representative surveys
    • Panel discussion
    • Karoliina Karjalainen, Finland: Presentation
    • Ståle Østhus, Norway: Presentation
  • Session 7
    • Michael Evans-Brown, EMCDDA: European context
    • Deborah Olszewski, EMCDDA: Proposed (EMQ) Module module
    • Panel discussion
    • Elena Alvarez, Spain: Presentation
    • Pavla Chomynová, Czech Republic: Presentation
    • Róbert Csák, Hungary: Presentation
  • Session 8
    • Gregor Burkhart, EMCDDA: Environmental Prevention Strategies
    • Nicola Singleton, United Kingdom: Harmonised Database and polydrug use: information about  progress
  • Session 9
    • Deborah Olszewski, EMCDDA: Results of 2013 field trial
    • Björn Hibell, ESPAD: Perceived Availability of drugs in ESPAD
    • João Matias, EMCDDA: Perceived availability using ESPAD