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The Pompidou Group is the Council of Europe’s intergovernmental cooperation platform on drug policy. It upholds the core values of the Council of Europe – human rights, democracy and the rule of law. It was established in 1971 at the initiative of the then French President Georges Pompidou. The Pompidou Group provides a forum for open dialogue, exchange of good practices and sharing of experiences on drug and addiction policies and promotes respect for human rights including a gender-sensitive approach. It links policy, research and practice. The Group consists of 41 Member States, including countries outside Europe: Israel, Morocco and Mexico. It has developed its action beyond the circle of its member states, by setting up regional networks, (in particular in the Mediterranean), with MedNET reaching out to Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine* and Tunisia. It also developed activities in South East Europe and has strengthened its cooperation with the Inter American Drug Abuse Commission (CICAD).


Pompidou Group–EMCDDA cooperation

Since its inception, the EMCDDA has worked in close cooperation with the Pompidou Group and benefited greatly from the early seminal work of the Pompidou Group, in particular in the field of epidemiology. A Memorandum of Understanding between the EMCDDA and the Pompidou Group was signed in 1999 and in 2010 establishing formal co-operation, based on mutual recognition, complementarity, avoiding duplication of effort, looking for synergies and making use of their respective comparative advantages to ensure the most effective use of resources. The latest addendum to this memorandum, signed in December 2022, stipulates specific areas of collaboration based on the organisations’ work programmes and areas of interest. Through this memorandum, the EMCDDA participates as an observer in the Pompidou Group’s Permanent Correspondents’ meetings and the Pompidou Group is an observer at the meetings of the EMCDDA’s Management Board.

Liaison officers have been nominated by both organisations. Both organisations participate in each other seminars and/or activities according to their work programmes’ priorities.

Within cooperation in the Mediterranean Region initiated by Pompidou Group a close cooperation has been established with participation of EMCDDA in the Pompidou Group’s MedNET steering committee and later on through participation of PG’s representative in the EU4MD project, thus ensuring complementarity and mutual support.


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