EMCDDA-ENP phase 1 (January 2014–June 2016)

The EMCDDA project targets 7 European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) partner countries. These are: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Moldova, Morocco and Ukraine.

Timetable: January 2014–June 2016

Objective: The overall objective of the EMCDDA-ENPI project is to strengthen the capacity of ENP Partner countries to react to new challenges and developments of the drugs situation.

In order to achieve this, the project has defined a set of measurable and specific objectives:

  • to support the partner countries to produce new information on their drugs situation;
  • to develop the capacity for monitoring;
  • to strengthen the reporting and dissemination of information.

Expected results are:

  • a better knowledge of recent and emerging trends in drug use in the partner ENP countries among young people;
  • the Early Warning System covers the new ENP partner countries for its ALERT component, which makes it more comprehensive and more accurate and enables effective exchange of information between EU member states and ENP countries;
  • increased capacity for data collection, analysis and interpretation in the ENP countries, as a result of the knowledge transfer facilitated by the project;
  • decision-makers at national and EU level are better informed on the drugs situation and on the need for interventions;
  • ENP partners and other Reitox members have a better knowledge and understanding of the drugs situation and of the role of drug monitoring.

Activities per year may be found below. 

European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) activities (2014-2016)
Date Title Location
25.03.2023 Workshop on the development of the Georgian national early warning system Georgia, Kakheti
18.03.2023 First EMCDDA Georgian stakeholder meeting Georgia, Kakheti
09.06.2022 EU4MD Early Warning System meeting
09.07.2020 EU4MD Training and coaching for carrying out wastewater-based epidemiology (online)
29.06.2016 ENPI–EMCDDA Final Conference Lisbon, Portugal
21.06.2016 Second meeting related to the national information system in Lebanon Beiruit, Lebannon
21.06.2016 National Reitox Academy for Armenia on ‘Monitoring and control of new psychoactive substances’, Yerevan, Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
08.06.2016 Treatment demand indicator (TDI) experts meeting Lisbon, Portugal
06.06.2016 Annual EMCDDA expert meeting on the Key Indicator ‘Drug Related Infectious Diseases' (DRID) Lisbon, Portugal
19.05.2016 16th annual meeting of the Reitox Early Warning System (EWS) in conjunction with the 5th Law Enforcement Expert Meeting on New Psychoactive Substances Lisbon, Portugal
17.03.2016 Reitox regional Academy for ENP beneficiaries on ‘Data collection and reporting on drug seizures’, Budapest Budapest, Hungary
03.03.2016 Setting up a national drug information system in Lebanon, Beirut Beirut, Lebanon
01.03.2016 Reitox national Academy for Ukraine on ‘Contemporary approaches for drug monitoring’, Kiev Kiev, Ukraine
08.12.2015 Reitox Academy on best practice in drug use prevention, Morocco Rabat, Morocco
23.11.2015 4th Reitox extended week (2015) Lisbon, Portugal
11.11.2015 Reitox Academy on Treatment Demand Indicator, the challenge for monitoring and evaluation systems, Israel, Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel
04.11.2015 EMCDDA and Georgia Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony Tbilisi, Georgia
23.09.2015 Lisbon Addictions 2015: First European conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies Lisbon, Portugal
21.09.2015 '20 years of monitoring and communicating evidence on drugs’ conference Lisbon, Portugal
08.09.2015 Legal and policy correspondents meeting Lisbon, Portugal
22.07.2015 Visit of a Ukrainian delegation to the EMCDDA, Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal
15.06.2015 EMCDDA meeting on the key indicator on Drug-related Infectious Diseases (DRID) Lisbon, Portugal
13.06.2015 Signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Yerevan, Armenia Yerezan, Armenia
08.06.2015 Early Warning System annual expert meeting Lisbon, Portugal
25.05.2015 Study visit of Moldovan delegation to Romanian national focal point, Bucharest, Romania Bucharest, Romania
27.04.2015 EMCDDA technical visit to Yerevan, Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
16.04.2015 Reitox Academy on monitoring and control of new psychoactive substances, Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia
24.11.2014 3rd EMCDDA Reitox week (2014) Lisbon, Portugal
28.10.2014 Reitox Academy on ‘The European Union, the EU drugs policy and the relations with European Neighbourhood Policy partner countries Brussels, Belgium
20.10.2014 Assessment mission in Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia
06.10.2014 Technical visit to Moldova Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
30.09.2014 Reitox Academy on ‘Drug related expenditures’ in Israel Jerusalem, Israel
08.08.2014 RTX Academy training course on ‘Contemporary approaches in drug monitoring' for ENP partner countries, in Prague Prague, Czechia
01.07.2014 EMCDDA technical visit to Morocco Rabat, Morocco
24.06.2014 Georgia high level visit to EMCDD Lisbon, Portugal
17.06.2014 General Population Surveys annual expert meeting, 17–18 June 2014, Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal
14.04.2014 Official visit of Prof. Jallal Toufiq, Head of the Moroccan drug observatory to EMCDDA Lisbon, Portugal
05.03.2014 Kick-off meeting of the EMCDDA–ENP (European Neighbourhood Policy) project Lisbon, Portugal
29.09.2011 Towards evidence-based drug policies: why data collection on treatment and drug-related infectious diseases matters Kiev, Ukraine
14.10.2010 Seminar on the EU drug monitoring system, the EMCDDA and the perspectives for cooperation with ENP partner countries Brussels, Belgium

In addition to the activities listed above, the project supported the implementation of European School Survey Project on Alcohol and other drugs (ESPAD) studies in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova in the course of 2015