MAOC (N)–EMCDDA cooperation

The mission of MAOC (N) is to enhance criminal intelligence and coordinate law enforcement action on the high seas, with a view to intercepting vessels carrying cocaine and cannabis. Naval and law-enforcement bodies (police, customs) participate in MAOC (N), although the latter leads operations. MAOC (N) was set up in 2007, an since then is an important partner for the EMCDDA in its work in the fields of drug supply and supply reduction.

The first MAOC (N) meeting organised in March 2007 was hosted by the EMCDDA. Since then, several high level and technical meetings have taken place in order to plan future cooperation and activities related to law enforcement. MAOC (N) has been invited by the EMCDDA to take part in discussions on the European key indicators on drug supply, along with Europol and the EU Member States, as well as to collaborate with the development of the EMCDDA’s work in the field of supply reduction.

The organisations meet regularly at seminars and conferences organised by other international bodies, such as UNODC, WCO and Interpol.

Since September 2010, the EMCDDA has been an observer at MAOC (N) Executive Board meetings.

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