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Eurojust–EMCDDA cooperation

The EMCDDA and Eurojust have worked closely together since 2007 and share a common interest in the enforcement and implementation of drug trafficking laws across Europe. Since that time, Eurojust has participated in the EMCDDA’s annual meetings of legal experts and contributed to the EMCDDAEuropol EU Drug Markets report: a strategic analysis, published in January 2013. For its part, the EMCDDA contributed to a strategic seminar on drug trafficking, organised by Eurojust and the Polish Presidency in Krakow in 2011, and will participate in its strategic meeting on drug trafficking in The Hague in September 2014.

A crucial area of cooperation to be further developed is the collection of policy-relevant data on drug supply. In 2009, the EMCDDA was tasked with establishing key indicators on drug supply (markets, crime, supply reduction). Following Council conclusions on improving the monitoring of drug supply in the EU (November 2013), the EMCDDA will work with its partners to improve data collection in this area, supported by its reference group on drug supply indicators, set up in 2013. Eurojust is expected to be a key player in this group.

The two organisations recognise that information on the drugs phenomenon is essential when drafting and implementing drug control legislation and when assessing the impact of drug policies, in order to ensure maximum efficiency across Europe. Therefore, on 15 July 2014 the EMCDDA and Eurojust signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance existing cooperation. This will support work to: collect, analyse and disseminate data; pool technical expertise; establish joint projects; and create synergies to ensure optimal use of resources and information.



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