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EC–EMCDDA cooperation

Collaboration and cooperation between the EMCDDA and the European Commission include:

  • administrative, financial and budgetary relations
  • exchange of information and data on drugs
  • technical assistance on community programmes
  • information on measures taken or planned by the Commission and Community institutions in the drugs field, and
  • information on action taken or planned by the EMCDDA in the framework of its mandate.

To facilitate the systematic and regular exchange of information between the Commission and the EMCDDA, officials from the respective organisations meet regularly in coordination meetings and exchange information daily on their areas of work. The Commission set up a Focal point at the DG Home, which coordinates the Commission services working in the field of drugs. The EMCDDA has been granted observer status at the Inter-service group on drugs within the Directorate. The EMCDDA has also specific contacts with the following European Commission Directorates-General:

  • Public Health Directorate-General, responsible for implementing the Community action programme for public health
  • External Relations Directorate-General, responsible for implementing external relations programmes in the field of drugs
  • Research Directorate-General, responsible for the Seventh Framework Programme
  • Education and Culture Directorate-General, responsible for youth-related programmes, such as the Youth Programme
  • Transport Directorate-General High Level Group on Road Safety
  • Enterprise Directorate-General, responsible for the Interchange of Data between Administrations (IDA) programme
  • Enlargement Directorate-General


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