Job vacancies and working at the EMCDDA

Working at the EMCDDA is mainly possible by applying to a call for application launched by the EMCDDA. Open vacancies are advertised on this page. Read our Guidelines on recruitment at the EMCDDA to better understand how recruitment processes work as well as some helpful information on how the EMCDDA will process your personal data in the context of a recruitment procedure.

Calls for application

Below you can find information on any job vacancies currently being advertised by the EMCDDA. To apply for job vacancies or consult any previous calls for applications, please use the EMCDDA E-Recruitment system.

Reference Vacancy Contract Closing date Status
CA.2023.02 Financial support officer for international cooperation projects  Contract Agent FG III 13.10.2023 at 23h59, Lisbon time Open
SNE.2023.01 Scientific analyst on law enforcement
Call for expression (PDF)
Application form (doc)
Seconded National Expert (SNE) 29.09.2023 at 23h59, Lisbon time Open
CA.2023.01 Human resources analyst – Talent acquisition Contract Agent FG IV 15.09.2023 at 23h59, Lisbon time Applications under assessment
AD.2023.01 Head of Trends and analysis Sector, Public Health unit Temporary agent AD 8 08.09.2023 at 23h59, Lisbon time Applications under assessment
2023/TR/RTX Reitox and External Partners unit Traineeship offer 19.05.2023 Applications under assessment
2023/TR/SAS Risks to public safety and security unit Traineeship offer 13.04.2023

Applications under assessment

2023/TR/HEA Public Health unit Traineeship offer 13.04.2023 Selection procedure concluded
2023/TR/HEA Scientific Coordination unit Traineeship offer 13.04.2023 Selection procedure concluded

Previous calls for application


Open vacancies are listed on the Calls for application.

Seconded national experts

The EMCDDA promotes the exchange of professional experience in the drugs policy area by temporarily recruiting Seconded national experts, benefiting from their professional knowledge and experience, in particular in areas where such expertise is not readily available. The Agency has adopted the EMCDDA provisions for the use of Seconded national experts. Vacancies are published under Call for applications, above.

Spontaneous applications

The EMCDDA can only consider applications submitted in the framework of a published vacancy notice. Please note that the EMCDDA is unable to consider any unsolicited applications whether received by post or by e-mail. Unsolicited applications will not receive any response and will be destroyed.

Data protection

All personal data collected for a recruitment process will only be used for the purposes of that procedure and will in no case be transmitted to any third party. Any data provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and with high standards of security. All documents provided to the EMCDDA during a recruitment procedure will be kept in the EMCDDA’s files and will not be returned to applicants. Application documents will only be kept for as long as it is mandatory to fulfil the requirements of existing auditing/control procedures applicable to the EMCDDA.

Previous calls for application