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Table SZR-20. Quantities (kg) of crack cocaine seized 1995–2011

CountryIncluded in cocaine seizures19951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011
Belgium Yes until 1999:::::0.04:::::::::::
Bulgaria No::::::::::0000000
Czech Republic No:::::::0000000000
Denmark Yes:::::::::::::::::
Germany No::0.330.822::36458533
Estonia No:::::::0000000000
Greece No::0.002:::::::::::::0.001
Spain No0.
France No91116251122671218119712131513
Italy Yes until 2001:::::::0.0030.30.20.710.92854
Cyprus No:::::::0.1::0000000
Latvia No::::::::::::00000
Lithuania No::::::00000000:::
Luxembourg Yes until 2000::::::0000::00000
Hungary Yes:::::::::::::::::
Malta No::::::::::00:::::
Netherlands Yes:::::::::::::::::
Austria No0000000000.0200.20.00100.0010.0010.002
Poland No::::::::000000000
Portugal Yes until 1999::::::0.7:4000.004000.00040.030.12
Romania No:::::::::00000:00
Slovenia No::::::::::::00000
Slovakia No:00000::::0000000
Finland No::::::::::0000000
Sweden Yes:::::::::::::::::
United KingdomNo19833251626565425314051603733595934
Turkey Yes:::::::::::::::::
Norway No::::::0.00030.00060.40::0.50000


Numbers are rounded to the nearest kg except for quantities less than 1 kg where more precise information is provided when available.

(1) Crack seizures are reported as cocaine seizures as the Forensic Science Laboratory identifies them as cocaine. Crack is not listed as a scheduled substance under the law.


Reitox national focal points. See Table SZR-0 part (i) and Table SZR-0 part (ii)

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