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Table PPP-9. Composition of illicit drug tablets, 2011

Part (iv) Information available on substances listed in categories 'Miscellaneous' and 'Other'

CountryInformation available on substances listed in categories 'Miscellaneous' and 'Other'
BelgiumTablets in the category 'others' (7.7%) include: 2-CB and DOB. Tablets in the category 'miscellaneous' (41.5%) include: mCPP, fluoromethamphetamine, hormones, and benzodiazepines.
BulgariaTablets in the category 'miscellaneous' includes tablets containing: methadone, butylone, piperonal, CPP, MDPV, PMMAQ, MDAI and MDPBP
Czech RepublicTablets in the category 'others' is mainly mCPP.
DenmarkTablets in the category 'others' are mainly: mCPP = 21%; mCPP + (meth) amphetamine = 24%; mCPP + 5-MeO-DMT = 2%; mCPP + MDMA + mephedrone = 2%; 2C-B = 7%; 2C-B + MDA = 2%; Diazepam = 10%. Tablets in the category 'miscellaneous' are caffeine and/or ephedrine = 20%.
GermanyTablets in the category 'others' (0.9%) contain m-CPP.
GreeceThe category 'miscellaneous' includes mainly buprenorphine and methadone tablets.
SpainThe category 'miscellaneous' includes mainly benzodiazepines (Alprazolam and Clonazepam)..
France-ATablets containing 2C-B; 4-fluoroamphetamine; methylphenidate; mephedrone; caffeine: dextromethorphan, JWH-073; JWH-250; 4-MEC; butylone; ethcathinone; ethylone; MDPV; alprazolam; diazepam; tetrazepam; buprenorphine; 2C-D; caffeine+mCPP are included in the category 'miscellaneous'.
France-BTablets containing mCPP are included in the category 'miscellaneous'.
ItalyTablets in the category 'others' are mainly: 2CB, BZP and The category 'miscellaneous' includes mainly: mCPP and negatives.
CyprusTablets in the category 'others' (45.3%) breakdown as follow: 10.8% MDPV, 4.6% BZP+TFNPP+DBZP and 29.9% mCPP.
LatviaNo information available.
LuxembourgTablets in the category 'other' are mainly other scheduled substances (caffeine, paracetamol, ibuprofen)
HungaryTablets in the category 'miscellaneous' (94,69%) breakdown as follow: fluoroamphetamine (FA): 27.4%; 3,4-DMMC+MDPV: 13,4%; mCPP: 8.1%; 3,4-DMMC: 5.7%; 4-MEC: 3.8%; 6-APB: 3.2%; MDPV: 3.0%; mephedrone: 3.0%; 4-MEC+MDPV+methylone: 2.6%; butylone+MDPV: 2.6%; 4-MEC+MDPV+mephedrone: 2.3%; FA+metoxetamin: 1.5% and other substances: 18.1%.
NetherlandsTablets in the category 'miscellaneous' are mainly mCPP.
AustriaTablets in the category 'Others' (11,72%) breakdown as follow: MMC+2C-B: 1%, MMC+caffeine: 1%, MMC: 1%, MMC+mCPP+unknown subs.: 1%, 2C-B: 1%, MMC+MDPV+MEC: 1%, MMC+unknown subs.: 2%, MMC+ephedrin+methylone: 1%, MMC+methylone+4-FA+alpha-PPP+caffeine: 1%, MMC+methylone+ alpha-PPP+MDPV: 1%, MMC+methylone+4-FA: 2%, MMC+butylone+caffeine+ 4-FA: 1%, MMC+MDPV+unknown subs. 1% and category 'miscellaneous' (37.93%) breakdown as follow: mCPP+caffeine: 1%, ephedrine: 1%, TFmPP: 1%, pFPP+4-MEC: 1%,4-FA: 5%, butylone: 2%, butylone+ metoclopramide + mCPP: 1%, pFPP + TFmPP: 3%, metoclopramide + alpha-PPP: 1%, metoclopramide + mCPP: 1%, caffeine: 1%, acetylsalicylic acid : 1%, methylone: 4%, mCPP: 1%, caffeine+unknown subs.: 1%, TFmPP+ pFPP: 2%, caffeine+pFPP: 1%, 3 unknown subs.s: 1%, 4-MEC +MDPV + two unknown subs.s: 1%, mCPP+metoclopramide+ domperidone: 1%, ephedrine+methylone: 1%, caffeine+pFPP+unknown subs.: 1%, caffeine+ mCPP+domperidone+unknown subs.: 1%, mCPP+metoclopramide+domperidone: 8%, mCPP+domperidone: 2%, unkn
PolandNo information available.
PortugalTablets in the category 'miscellaneous' (24.27%) breakdowns as follow: 869 tablets of mCPP, 243 tables of 2C-B and 5 tables of 2C-I.
SloveniaTablets in the category 'Others' contain 'C-B and tablets included in the category 'miscellaneous' only contain mCPP.
SlovakiaTablets in the category 'others' contain 2C-B and tablets included in the category 'miscellaneous' contain only m-CPP or pFPP or pyrovalerone or 4-MEC.
FinlandTablets included in the category 'others' contain 2C-B and BZP and in the category 'miscellaneous' contain mainly mCPP.
SwedenTablets included in the category 'miscellaneous' contain essentially benzodiazepines (alprazolam, diazepam, clonazepam, flunitrazepam etc), potency agents (sildenafil) and diet pills (sibutramine, ephedrine). The majority is leagally manufactured but is bought and sold on the illegal market and abused as narcotics.
United KingdomTablets in the category 'miscellaneous' are piperazines, cathinones, methoxetamine, various analgesics and benzodiazepines.
CroatiaTablets in the category 'miscellaneous' are mCPP alone and in combination with traces of MDMA and (meth)amphetamine and in the category 'others' are methylphenidate (1 case, 1 tablet), parafluoroamphetamine (1 case, 1 tablet) and 2C-B (3 cases, 5 tablets).
TurkeyTablets included in the category 'miscellaneous' contain: Benzodiazepines: Rivotril (Clonazepam), Alprazolam, Diazepam, Sildenafil (viagra), Biperidine (antiparkinson agent), Sibutramine (anorexiant), Chlorpromazine (antipsychotic), Phenacetin (non-opioid nalgesic), Gabapentin (GABA analogue), Valsartan (ARB - angiotensin receptor blocker), Propranolol (sympatholytic non-selective beta blocker), Benadryl (anti allergic drug), Dextromethorphan, Caffeine, Teofilin, Paracetamol and mCPP.
NorwayTablets included in the category 'miscellaneous' contain: Buprenorphine: 21%, mCPP: 9%, Caffeine: 6% of the records and other substance 4%.

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