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Numbers of cases per country per year are presented in Table DRD-2 part (i) and Table DRD-2 part (v) in the 2011 Statistical bulletin.

It is important to note that the Czech Republic, Estonia and Poland account for a substantial proportion of victims aged less than 25.

A line starting in 1997 is presented, based on the information available for eight countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Slovenia). Czech Republic and Romania started to report in 2001 and Cyprus and Slovakia in 2004. For Hungary, information for the year 2002 is not available, so the figure for 2001 has been used instead.

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Reitox national reports 2010, taken from general mortality registries or special registries (forensic or police), based on national definitions as presented in methods and definitions for DRD ‘Definitions of acute drug-related deaths in EU Member States’, as used in the EMCDDA Annual report and reported in Reitox national reports.

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