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Table PDU-1. Prevalence of problem drug use at national level: summary table, 2001-2005, rate per 1000 aged 15-64 [see all tables in this series...]

Part (i) Overall problem drug use

CountryYearRate /1000 ages 15-64Interval for rate /1000Number of usersTarget group, data sources and estimation methodsReference
Czech Republic*20054.4[3.9-4.9][28600-35700]Pervitin (methamphetamine) and opiate users. Treatment multiplier.5
Denmark*20057.5[7.1-8.0][25390-28568]Drug abusers having a persintant use of illegal drugs including cannabis, which leeds to physical, psycological and social consequenses. Capture-recapture6
Germany20053.3[3.0-.3.5][164000-195000]Problematic users of opiates. Treatment monitoring system: outpatient and inpatient. Treatment multiplier.18
Ireland20015.7[5.2-6.1][13405-15819]Problem opiate users. Capture-recapture.1
Greece*20052.6[2.3-2.8][17335-21209]Problematic users of opiates. Drug reatment data. Capture-recapture.4
Spain20028.5[7.1-9.9][196928-275789]Cocaine + opiate users. Demographic method and combined methods.3
Italy*20057.9[7.2-8.6][278271-333401]Problem drug users. Four different methods and multiple data sources used.18
Cyprus*20051.3[1.1-1.8][548-909]Problem drug users. Truncated Poisson method using treatment data.2
Latvia#20021.2[1-1.8][1521-2917]Problem drug users. Acute drug overdose data.2
Hungary20053.5[2.8-4.2][19333-29075]Problem drug users. Data from drug treatment and police records. Capture-recapture.2
Malta*20056.2[5.8-6.7][1625-1874]Problem drug users defined as daily heroin users. Methadone/substitution treatment. Community and Residential Treatment. Prisons. Capture-recapture.2
Netherlands20013.2[2.0-4.3][21720-46358]Problem opiate and/or crack cocaine users. Multiple methods and data sources.1, 2, 21
Austria20045.4[5.0-5.7][27763-31431]Problematic opiate use or poly drug use including opiates. Substitution treatment clients. Opiate related police charges. Capture-recapture.8
Poland20021.9[1.2-2.7][33000-71000]Problem drug users. Population survey of 2002. Residential drug treatment; drug treatment: outpatient; HIV cases.1, 99
Slovenia20015.3n.a.7399Problem drug users. Police, drug treatment data. Capture-recapture.1
Slovakia*20054.8[3.5-8.3][13565-32182]Injecting drug users and/or drug users of heroin and/or amphetamine. Multiplier method.3, 4
Finland* #20025.3[4.6-6.1][16100-21100]Problem opiate and amphetamine users. Capture-recapture.1
Sweden20034.5n.a.25745The Hospital Discharge Register. Case definition: main or secondary diagnoses drug-related. Truncated Poisson estimate.2
United Kingdom*200510.2[10.1-10.7][397033-421012]The UK estimate is based on the England estimate for 2004/05, Northern Ireland for 2004 and Scotland for 2003.18


 n.a. = not available 

 * - Interval is a 95% confidence interval 

 # - Latvia: the original study used 'all ages' as the age range, the rate was adapted to ages 15-64; Finland: the original age range of study was 15-55, rate was adapted to 15-64. 

 For further details on methods and data sources/comments see tables Table PDU-3 and Table PDU-4

 See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page.   


 For bibliographic references see Table PDU-0

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