New developments in Europe's cannabis market (Perspectives on drugs)


Europe has long been one of the world’s largest consumer markets for cannabis, particularly resin imported mainly from Morocco. In this analysis, we report how Europe’s consumer market for cannabis is increasingly dominated by herbal products, with domestic herbal production supplying national markets. It also describes how imported cannabis resin appears to be getting stronger (see video).

Part of the Perspectives on drugs (PODs) series, launched as part of the European Drug Report package, these designed-for-the-web interactive analyses provide deeper insights into a selection of important issues.

Note that the online version contains additional interactive or audiovisual material not available in the PDF version.

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Table of contents

  • Analysis: new developments in Europe's cannabis market 
  • Video
  • Facts and figures
  • Origin of cannabis resin consumed in Europe and production estimates

Main subject:

drug markets

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