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Guidelines for the evaluation of drug prevention: a manual for programme planners and evaluators (second edition)

EMCDDA, Lisbon, July 2012

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Manuals and guidelines


The EMCDDA first published the Guidelines for the evaluation of drug prevention in 1998 to respond to a need expressed by professionals and policymakers to have a tool and stimulus to evaluate prevention interventions in Europe. These guidelines aimed to facilitate and encourage project leaders to evaluate their own interventions and to design them accordingly.

This second edition is an updated version of the original EMCDDA guidelines, which contains new methods, concepts and examples of currently available drug prevention interventions and which provides a framework for carrying out an evaluation. The content has also been updated with developments in online EMCDDA drug prevention and evaluation resources.

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Table of contents

  • Acknowledgements   
  • Preface
  • Introduction 
  • Chapter 1: Assessing intervention planning
  • Chapter 2: Designing and carrying out a theory-driven evaluation
  • Chapter 3: Process evaluation and monitoring system  
  • Chapter 4: Outcome evaluation   
  • Chapter 5: Communicating the results
  • Chapter 6: Assessing intervention planning 
  • Chapter 7: Designing and carrying out a theory-driven evaluation   
  • Chapter 8: Process evaluation and monitoring system   
  • Chapter 9: Outcome evaluation 
  • Chapter 10: Communicating the results 







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