European drug prevention quality standards

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This Manual is a joint production by the EMCDDA and the Prevention Standards Partnership, and presents and describes basic and expert level quality standards for drug prevention. The standards cover all aspects of drug prevention work, including needs and resource assessment, programme planning, intervention design, resource management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, dissemination, sustainability, stakeholder involvement, staff development, and ethics. Considerations regarding the standards’ real-life implementation are provided, acknowledging differences in professional culture, policy, and the structure of prevention delivery within Europe.

Additional resources can be found on the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards website [external website]

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Table of contents

  • Current approaches to drug prevention in Europe
  • Using the quality standards
  • About the quality standards
  • Cross-cutting considerations
  • Project stage 1: Needs assessment
  • Project stage 2: Resource assessment
  • Project stage 3: Programme formulation
  • Project stage 4: Intervention design
  • Project stage 5: Management and mobilisation of resources
  • Project stage 6: Delivery and monitoring
  • Project stage 7: Final evaluations
  • Project stage 8: Dissemination and improvement
  • Appendix
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