Cocaine – Action points (EU Drug Markets Report)

Action points

Monitoring the dynamics of the European cocaine market

1. Monitoring of cocaine use in Europe needs to be configured to be more sensitive in order to detect early signals of changing patterns of use, diffusion to new countries or increased levels of harm, especially if availability increases.

2. There is a need to improve the collection of drug supply data, including data on seizures, purity, prices and secondary extraction sites, to enhance the knowledge of the operation of the cocaine supply chain. This will require greater cooperation at Member State level to facilitate access to data for strategic purposes.

Better understanding of cocaine production and export

3. Strategic partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean, in the areas of both law enforcement and general drug information, should be further strengthened, taking advantage of existing resources such as EU Member State liaison officers in the region.

4. Chemical profiling of cocaine seizures is valuable for both strategic and operational purposes at all market levels and needs to be supported.

Tackling trafficking routes and methods

5. Efforts to inhibit maritime transportation of cocaine should remain a high priority; in particular, action at major container ports in northern and southern Europe should include:

  • providing support for innovation in control and profiling methods;
  • development of new approaches to improve port security, especially identifying and tackling the corruption of officials and port employees;
  • sharing good practice and provision of training.

6. Improve and share risk analysis and measures for intercepting internationally shipped parcels, exploring the potential of technology for this purpose.

7. Increase knowledge exchange on concealment methods to support interdiction efforts on both sides of the Atlantic.

8. Explore the potential of prevention programmes aimed at tackling courier recruitment in affected countries.

Focusing on organised crime; closing the information gaps

9. Given the emerging evidence of the interaction between cocaine and heroin trafficking, greater cooperation, information and intelligence exchange between specialised law enforcement teams focusing on criminal groups trafficking these different types of drugs should be facilitated to ensure there are no gaps in the strategic analysis and consequent law enforcement responses.