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Drug problems have no age limits

'Substance use is generally associated with young people, but such problems have no age limits'. The statement comes in the latest edition of the EMCDDA’s Drugs in focus policy briefing series, published on 3 April. Full article >>

Report: emerging use of GBL

Concerns are increasing in the EU about the use of chemicals employed in the manufacture of the recreational drug GHB. This is according to the EMCDDA’s new report GHB and its precursor GBL: an emerging trend case study, published on 17 March. Full article >>

Estimating the total burden of drug-related mortality

The EMCDDA’s key indicator on drug-related deaths collects information predominantly on drug-induced deaths (also described as poisonings or fatal overdoses). Increasingly, however, the EU Member States are supplementing this information with data from mortality studies of problem-drug-user cohorts that record all causes of death in these groups. Full article >>

Towards new quality criteria for TDI data

New criteria for assessing the scientific quality of data obtained through the EMCDDA’s treatment demand indicator (TDI) were proposed at a working group meeting held in Lisbon on 4 February. Full article >>

New challenges for mathematical and statistical modelling of HIV and HCV in IDUs

Injecting drug users (IDUs) not only drive blood-borne transmission of HIV and the hepatitis C virus (HCV) but are also likely to be driving sexual transmission of HIV in large parts of the world. Full article >>

EMCDDA launches Best practice portal

In the coming weeks, the EMCDDA will launch the first version of its Internet portal on best practice in the fields of drug-related prevention, treatment, harm reduction and social reintegration. Full article >>

Expert meeting on indicated prevention

Specialists and programme developers in the field of indicated prevention met in Lisbon from 3–4 March to explore the practical implications of risk factor research.Full article >>

Monitoring drug-facilitated sexual assault

Over the past 10 years, there has been a rise in the number of reports of drugs and alcohol being used to immobilise victims for the purpose of sexual assault. Full article >>

EU-LAC interregional city forum on public policies in drug treatment

The first EU-LAC interregional city forum on public policies in drug treatment was held in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) from 2–5 April, with the technical and organisational support of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD). Full article >>

Online research register

In 2007, the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe, in association with the EMCDDA, set up an online register of current research on drugs to improve the exchange of information in this field. Full article >>

BZP to be placed under control across the EU

Europe responded on 3 March to concerns over the use of the stimulant drug BZP by subjecting it to 'control measures' across the EU Member States. Full article >>

Reitox Academy on relations with the media

Adapting communications to today’s media and building fruitful relationships with journalists were among the issues covered at the latest EMCDDA Reitox Academy on relations with the media held from 28–29 February in Bucharest. Full article >>

EMCDDA conference: 15 years of monitoring

In 2009, the EMCDDA will commemorate 15 years of monitoring the drug phenomenon in Europe. Full article >>

Scientific Committee: new Chair and Vice-chair

The new EMCDDA Scientific Committee established in December 2007, held its first meeting in Portugal from 14–15 February and elected its new Chair and Vice-chair.Full article >>

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In this issue: Drug problems have no age limits; emerging use of GBL; monitoring drug-facilitated sexual assault; estimating the total burden of drug-related mortality and new EMCDDA products and services.

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