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Drugnet Europe News from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction — October–December 2011

Some 700 000 in substitution treatment

Some 700 000 opioid users received substitution treatment in the EU, Croatia and Norway in 2009, compared with 650 000 in 2007. ‘While levels of treatment provision for opioid users are impressive in some countries, coverage still varies greatly and is very low in other countries’, says João Goulão, Chairman of the EMCDDA Management Board. Around 95 % of these treatments are provided in the 15 pre-2004 EU Member States.

Ensuring the highest treatment quality and best treatment outcome for the lowest possible cost are priorities in the current financial climate. A Selected issue publication published alongside the Annual report maps the main funding sources for drug treatment in a number of European countries and summarises the available data on this issue. Also published is a Selected issue reviewing guidelines for the treatment of drug dependence. It shows how almost all European countries now have drug addiction treatment guidelines, illustrating a growing commitment to developing evidence-based practice in the field. Over 140 sets of guidelines were identified from across Europe in 23 European languages, largely focusing on opioid substitution treatment.

For more, see News release no 8.

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