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Cannabis and driving: questions and answers for policymaking 2018 Joint publications

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Legal approaches to drugs and driving topic overview 2017 Topic overviews

Drug trafficking penalties across the European Union: a survey of expert opinion 2017 Technical reports


Cannabis policy: status and recent developments (topic overview) 2016 Topic overviews

New psychoactive substances in Europe: legislation and prosecution — current challenges and solutions 2016 Joint publications


Legal approaches to controlling new psychoactive substances (Perspectives on drugs) 2016 Perspectives on Drugs (PODs)


Models for the legal supply of cannabis: recent developments (Perspectives on drugs) 2016 Perspectives on Drugs (PODs)

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Alternatives to punishment for drug-using offenders 2015 EMCDDA Papers


Drug use, impaired driving and traffic accidents 2014 Insights


Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines in Europe — findings from the DRUID project 2012 Thematic papers


Responding to drug driving in Europe 2009 Drugs in focus

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Drug use, impaired driving and traffic accidents 2008 Insights


Drugs and driving 2007 Selected issues