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Published: 15 November 2011

Table 10: International comparison of estimates of problem opioid users and numbers of clients in opioid substitution treatment
  Problem opioid users Clients in opioid substitution treatment

(1) Since few countries report the retail price and the purity of heroin hydrochloride (‘white’), the data are not presented here. They can be consulted in Tables PPP-2 and PPP-6 in the 2011 statistical bulletin.
(2) Range of the middle half of the reported data. 

Year: 2009, except for Canada (reference year is 2003).

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European Union and Norway 1 300 000 695 000
Australia 90 000 43 000
Canada 80 000 22 000
China 2 500 000 242 000
Russia 1 600 000 0
USA 1 200 000 660 000


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