Annual report 2007: Highlights - links to graphics

Links to graphics referred to in the Annual report 2007: highlights news release:

Chapter 1, Figure 1: Indexed trends in reports for drug law offences in EU Member States, 2000–05

Chapter 3, Figure 4: Trends in pattern of use of treatment services (1999–2005). Principal drug for which clients ask treatment as % of all requests

Chapter 5, Figure 7: Trends in last-year prevalence of cocaine use in young adults (15–34)

Chapter 8, Figure 13: Overall trend in acute drug-related deaths, 1996–2005 for all Member States with available data

Figure GPS-4: Trends in last-year prevalence of cannabis among young adults (aged 15–34), measured by national surveys

Figure GPS-7: Last month prevalence of cannabis among all adults (aged 15 to 64), young adults (aged 15 to 34) and for the 15 to 24 year age group

Figure GPS-10: Last-year prevalence of cannabis use by age group in the UK, measured by national population surveys

Figure TDI-1 part (ii): Trend in estimated number of new clients entering treatment by primary drug used (1999–2005). Trend in numbers of clients by primary drug

Figure INF-2: HIV infections newly diagnosed in injecting drug users in the most severely affected EU countries, Russian Federation and Ukraine, by year of report 1996-2005, cases per million population

Table GPS-11: Last year prevalence (percentage) of drug use among young adults (aged 15 to 34 years old) in nationwide surveys among the general population: last survey available for each Member State

Table SZR-10: Quantities (kg) of cocaine seized 1995 to 2005

Table DRD-2 part (i): Number of acute drug-related deaths recorded in EU Member States (25 members and candidates) according to national definitions

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