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November 2018
Overview of EU early warning system (EWS) regulation

Source product/publication: New legislation, bringing faster response to new drugs, applies from today
Main subject: NPS
Keywords: early warning system, EMCDDA, laws, NPS

type: infographics
June 2018
Chart showing appearance of new psychoactive substances and introduction of generic-group controls in Europe, since 2005

Source product/publication: European Drug Report 2018: Trends and Developments
Main subject: drug markets
Keywords: laws, drug markets, NPS

type: infographics
March 2017
Map showing penalties in Europe for cannabis use

Source product/publication: Cannabis legislation in Europe: an overview
Main subject: laws
Keywords: cannabis, cannabis policy, criminal justice system, laws, sentencing/punishment

type: infographics
June 2015
Video thumbnail: What is decriminalisation?

Source product/publication: Models for the legal supply of cannabis: recent developments (Perspectives on drugs)
Main subject: laws
Keywords: cannabis policy, laws, sentencing/punishment

type: video