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New psychoactive substances notifed to the EU Early Warning System for the frst time 2005-17: number per year (left) and total number per category (right)

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By the end of December 2017, the EMCDDA was monitoring more than 670 new substances that have appeared on Europe’s drug market over the past 20 years. Tis total includes 51 substances that were reported for the frst time during 2017, namely 13 opioids, 12 cathinones, 10 cannabinoids, 4 phenethylamines, 3 benzodiazepines, 2 tryptamines, 1 arylcyclohexylamine, 1 arylalkylamine, 1 piperidine/pyrrolidine and 4 substances that do not belong to these other groups.

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June 2018

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