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Service to Others in Sobriety (SOS) Questionnaire

Instrument description
View/download instrument: Service to Others in Sobriety (SOS) Questionnaire
Author/Developer / Address: Dr. Maria Pagano
Publication dates: 2009
Description / Type of assessment: Self-assessment of alcoholism
Primary use / Purpose: Provides a brief survey regarding the individual level of alcoholism. It is a 12 item self-assessment test that gauges an individual’s involvement and leadership in his or her own road to sobriety.
Domains measured / Life Areas / Problems Assessed: Good citizenship and service in 12 step recovery program
Population: All people recovering from alcoholism
Administration / Completion time: Self-administered
Scoring procedures: -
Scoring time: Brief
Credentials/Training: None needed
Source of psychometrics: -
Languages: English
Terms of use / copyright: No copyright
Practicability / usefulness: Can be repeated at any time
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